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Criollo 'Canoabo' Ganache 9pc Selection Box Criollo 'Canoabo' Ganache 9pc Selection Box Limited edition rare Criollo Cacao chocolate truffles

Criollo 'Canoabo' Ganache 9pc Selection Box


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Criollo, known as the "King of Cacao," is one of the rarest and most coveted cacao varieties in the world.

It is believed to be the "original" cacao varietal, dating back to the Mayas and the Aztecs, and it was at risk of extinction for many years.

Criollo is delicate, mostly cultivated in Venezuela, and it makes up just 0.01% of the global cacao production.

Our team of talented chocolatiers have developed an exclusive range of 3 Single Varietal Criollo Ganaches in partnership with Chantal Coady OBE. 

This hand-ribboned box contains 9 indulgent pieces of the Chuao Criollo truffles:

62% Canoabo Criollo Dark Chocolate Ganache


Read more about Criollo cacao here

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