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The high standards achieved by the chocolates in our collection have been consistently recognised by the Academy of Chocolate and the International Chocolate Awards, leading to the award of Chocolatier of the Year and the inaugural Golden Bonbon Award, for the highest scoring chocolate of the year.

Dusted Scorched Almonds | 1-star Great Taste Award 2023

A judge says "good quality chocolate, a whisper of salt, fresh almonds and well-judged thickness of the caramel layer made these an elegant and delicious treat. The sweetness level is perfect. We enjoyed them very much."
Our customers have been loving these for many years, thanks to our secret blend of spices, vanilla and chocolate.

White chocolate and cardamom truffles | 1-star great taste award 2023

Judges say: "A well-produced chocolate that pulls off a clever trick of balancing the very sweet white chocolate with exotic cardamom spice. Ingenious and very tasty."
"A pleasing hand-made appearance. Nice crisp shell and we enjoyed the gooey ganache filling. The taste of cardamom comes through strongly and is complemented by the creaminess of the white chocolate and there is a good balance of flavour."
An old Rococo favourite, we re-developed this unusual recipe to celebrate our 40th anniversary, which we celebrated in 2023.


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