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Trends of 2024: Floral Flavours

As we step into the culinary world of 2024, we find ourselves in a gastronomic landscape filled with exciting innovations and delectable surprises. Food trends are constantly evolving, reflecting changing consumer preferences, advances in technology, and a growing appreciation for sustainability and wellness. One of the most intriguing trends to emerge in 2024 is the incorporation of floral flavours into various culinary delights, particularly in the realm of chocolate.

Rose and Violet Fondant CreAMS

The use of floral flavours in chocolate has gained traction for several reasons.
Firstly, it offers a refreshing departure from traditional chocolate varieties, appealing to adventurous food enthusiasts looking for new taste experiences.
Secondly, the combination of floral and chocolate flavours creates a beautiful balance between sweet and slightly tangy or herbal notes, offering a multisensory experience that is both captivating and indulgent.
At Rococo, we have been embracing flavours since 1983, when our founder Chantal Coady OBE first opened the doors to our King's Road store, and her first customers asked her for the very British Rose and Violet creams.
Each one of our fondant creams is hand-crafted using moreish dark chocolate, and sweet and fragrant fondant cream, and is topped with a crystallised flower petal.


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English Creams and Caramels

Our English creams and caramels feature floral infusions such as peppermint, rose, violet, geranium, and lavender showcasing our dedication to creating unique and distinctly British confections.
Delightfully chewy caramels round up the collection of chocolates included in this selection, offering an option for everyone.

These offerings are a delightful blend of tradition and innovation, making them highly sought-after treats for those seeking a taste of artisanal British chocolate.

The inclusion of floral flavours adds an element of elegance and uniqueness to these confections, making them a delightful choice for those looking to experience the diverse and evolving world of British chocolates. Whether you prefer the refreshing kick of peppermint or the subtle sophistication of lavender, Rococo's English creams and caramels with floral infusions offer a delightful and memorable chocolate experience.

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