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Rococo Chocolates: Best Valentine’s Gifts 2023

We can help you melt hearts this Valentine’s Day, with our Gift Guide designed to help you curate the best Valentine’s Day Gift. Whether you are looking for Valentine’s Gifts For Him, Her, Them, On A Budget, Vegan or if you just want to celebrate Galentine’s - we have love tokens, gift boxes and hampers galore to help you shower your loved one with delicious affection. Read on and discover Rococo Chocolates’ Best Valentine’s Gifts in 2023. 

When Is Valentine’s Day 2023?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This year, Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday 14 February 2023. 

The History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day wasn’t always hearts, chocolates and flowers. Its origin stems from the Roman festival of Lupercalia, banned in the 5th Century, which worshipped the spring harvest, fertility and encouraged coupling between men and women at random. It’s also connected to the legendary martyrdom of priests and bishops (all named Valentine) c. 270 CE. Each of these martyrs was convicted of, or performed acts of, love. Some sources claim that the poet, Geoffrey Chaucer, originated Valentine’s Day in his poem The Parlement Of Foules. Whoever started it, from around the 14th century, Valentine’s Day became officially associated with Romance. Read more about the history of Valentine’s Day here

How to Celebrate St. Valentine’s Day

Typically, St. Valentine’s Day is a feast day for the Catholic Church. Religion aside, we’re here to talk about how to celebrate the romance of Valentine’s Day. From finding ways to be romantic and declare your love, to celebrating lifelong or fresh romance with your partner, there are so many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can read more about How To Celebrate Romance here but, for now, let’s focus on: romantic gifts. Our Valentine’s Guide will show you how to pick the best Valentine’s Day Gift and our selection of best Valentine’s Gifts for 2023. 

How To Choose The Best Valentine’s Day Gift

Choosing the best Valentine’s gift is a tricksy business but before you start, there are a few things you need:

  • Think about who you are gifting. What kind of gesture would they appreciate? A small and thoughtful gift? A grand gesture gift? A long-lasting gift?
  • Think about flavour. Do they prefer dark, milk or white chocolate? Do they have a sweet tooth? Boozy or alcohol free? Floral, Caramel, Bittersweet? Gluten Free? Vegan? (We have collections for all of these, so if you’re ready to shop, click away friends).
  • Think about design. Would they prefer a box emblazoned with maximalist patterns or a sleek and elegant design?
  • Think about your budget? £25, £50, £100, or the sky's the limit? Whatever your budget, bear this in mind while you rifle through our chocolaty treasures. 

It might seem a little daunting at first but note down these gifting tidbits and, with our help, you’ll be able to pick the best Valentine’s Day gift. 

Valentine’s Gifts For Her

We have the perfect Valentine’s Gift For Her this year, whether you’re gifting your partner, girlfriend, or your new romance, you’ll be sure to find a gift guaranteed to melt hearts here. When it comes to finding a Valentine’s Gift For Her, we recommend floral, caramel and thoughtful chocolate gifts. 

Our Rose & Violet Creams are a decadent delight, sure to please this Valentine’s Day. Creamy fondants infused with Rose & Violet essential oils and enrobed in rich single origin dark chocolate. Available in small and large, each host of chocolates is nestled in an exquisitely designed box emblazoned with botanical floral drawings. These chocolates pair beautifully with a dozen red roses and make the perfect after-dinner palate cleanser on date night. 

Valentine’s Gifts For Him

Shower him with delicious affection, with our selection of Gifts For Him. Whether you’re gifting your husband, boyfriend, partner or you want to make a good impression on the first date, we have a host of chocolates and treats that will delight him! When it comes to finding a Valentine’s Gift For Him, we recommend dark chocolate, a hint of booze and maybe a little retro sweet. 

Our Union Jack Chocolate Gift Box is brimming with moreish treats, from our classic Dusted Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Truffle to the rich Dark Ecuadorian Ganache. These chocolates pair beautifully with a glass of Port, or a strong cuppa, and make the perfect conversation starter in a new romance. 

Grand Gestures & Bespoke Hampers

When declaring your love, sometimes only a grand gesture will do and we have just the ticket! Our bestselling Indulgence & Extravagance Gift Boxes, brimming with 50 or 100 chocolates, is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for anyone wanting to make a grand impression or simply spoil their loved one deliciously rotten. 

Looking for something a little more bespoke? We offer a Build Your Own Hamper service. Simply choose your hamper, Rococo Toile or Wicker, and fill it with sumptuous chocolates and treats. Depending on what size you choose, small, medium or large, your loved one could be dining on affection the whole year round. Come to mention it, if you’re really wanting to splash out, try our Chocolate Subscription Service. You can have their favourite chocolates delivered to their front door on repeat the whole year round. 

Valentine’s Gifts Under £25

If you’re gifting on a budget, don’t fret. We have a host of luxury chocolate gifts under £25 right here. If you need a delicious love token, you can’t do better than our limited edition Valentine’s Day Nibble: A Bundle Of Love. Available in silky milk or wickedly moreish dark chocolate, this delectable nibble is a thoughtful and delicious token of affection fit for any Valentine.

Our bestselling Artisan Bar, Nibble and Thins collections are also brimming with sumptuous and alluring treats fit to spoil your Valentine with (and keep those purse strings happy). 

Date Ideas In London

If you’re looking for date ideas in London, you can create a date night to remember with Rococo Chocolates. Our London Chocolate Emporiums host a series of intimate Chocolate Tastings

You could join us for A Romantic Evening Of Chocolate Tasting this February. Nestled away in the cosy ambience of our Marylebone Store, one of our chocolate experts will guide you and your beau through a series of sumptuous chocolate tastings with a glass of wine to hand. Stay up to date on our latest events by visiting our stores page or signing up to our newsletter. 

Now you are armed with delicious gifting content, rifle through our romantic gifts and treats and buy the best Valentine’s Gifts for your partner.  

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