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Rococo's Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Navigating the maze of Christmas gift options can be overwhelming, but fear not! Rococo has crafted a foolproof guide to help you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Whether you're dealing with the notoriously difficult-to-please or looking to impress, our curated selection of indulgent chocolates and bespoke hampers is designed to delight even the most discerning recipients.


Why Rococo? 

We sell chocolates with character. From our original, design-led packaging and exceptional flavours to our creative products and beautifully curated shops, we bring forty years of expertise, heritage and British style to chocolate craft.

Established on the King’s Road in London in 1983, we have built an international reputation for quality. The attention to detail that we put into every single one of our chocolates is evident from their exquisite taste. We continue to win some of the industry’s most prestigious awards today. We are the go-to chocolate shop for thoughtful, generous gifters. 


How To Choose The Best Christmas Gift

Please scroll down to discover our carefully curated list, designed to assist you in selecting the perfect gifts for all the loved ones in your life.


For the Little Ones:

Make Christmas magical for the kids with these delightful treats:

Rococo Milk Chocolate Coin: A beautifully crafted coin made from our creamy milk chocolate, a perennial favourite among both adults and kids.

Luxury Dark Hot Chocolate: A decadent hot chocolate experience using Rococo's signature 62% single-origin Colombian dark chocolate, presented in a collectable Rococo print gift tin.


For the Discerning Few:

Are you faced with the challenge of pleasing someone who seems impossible to shop for? Fear not, as Rococo has the perfect solutions:

The Rocking Horse - 25PC Mixed Chocolate Christmas Collection: Indulge in our best-selling selection box featuring a variety of white, milk, and dark chocolates. Made with our Signature Single Origin cacao from the Ivory Coast, each truffle and ganache is meticulously crafted to perfection.

Chocolate and Truffle Collection: Our classic round chocolate boxes have been reimagined in new square boxes, containing an irresistible mix of milk, dark, and white chocolates and truffles. Available in three sizes, beautifully presented in Rococo toile gift boxes.



For Those You Want to Impress:

Elevate your gifting game with these luxurious options:

Fresh Criollo Ganache 9pc Selection:  Criollo, known as the "King of Cacao," is one of the rarest and most coveted cacao varieties in the world. Our team of talented chocolatiers have developed an exclusive range of 3 Single Varietal Criollo Ganaches in partnership with Chantal Coady OBE. Find out more about what makes this collection so special. 

Indulgence of Chocolates:  The ultimate chocolate gift – a 100-piece collection of velvety truffles, silky caramels, ganaches, and pralines, beautifully presented in a Rococo gift box with pull-out drawers.

Luxury Hamper:  At Rococo, you can explore our online range for pre-selected options . Additionally, we provide the opportunity to customise your own hamper in-store, where our friendly sales assistants will assist you in crafting a truly impressive selection.


Secret Santa Gifts:

Finding a universally loved Secret Santa gift can be tricky, but Rococo has you covered:

Blonde Chocolate Almonds: Caramelised white chocolate-covered almonds with a taste reminiscent of butterscotch—a crowd favourite.

Festive Truffle Selection: Experience the joy of the season with a selection of rich milk, deliciously dark, creamy white, and indulgent salted caramel truffles, presented in a festive red Rococo gift box with Christmas toile.


For The Dark Chocolate Lover: 

Here are our top picks for those who like something a bit more rich in flavour: 

The Little Drummer Boy - 25PC Dark Chocolate Collection: a box collection box filled with our most delicious dark chocolates, from crowd-pleasing favourites to new festive creations. All the truffles and ganaches are made in our kitchen using our Signature Single Origin cacao from the Ivory Coast and transformed by Domori. The cacao is organically grown within a single cooperative, and we pay above market price for it. The flavour profiles of the heritage cacao are preserved and paired with the finest ingredients to create the most exquisite ganaches and truffles.

Festive Dark Chocolate Graham's 6 Grapes Port Truffle Selection:  Graham’s Six Grapes port is infused in an unctuous dark ganache encased in a dark chocolate shell, before being dusted with the finest cocoa powder.

Dark Chocolate Half-Dipped Orange Slices:  These are the perfect nibble for any dark chocolate lover as these Candied orange slices are enrobed in rich dark chocolate. The perfect balance between fruity and toasty dark chocolate and sweet citrus zing.


For The Milk Chocolate Lover: 

A classic but a goodie nonetheless, here are our top picks for milk chocolate:

Milk Chocolate Mince Pie Broken SlabA new edition to our festive nibbles, our milk chocolate carries the essence of a delectable mince pie, featuring harmonious notes of spiced fruits and cinnamon. With every bite, you will be sure to relish the cosy, familiar taste of a warm mince pie.

Marc de Champagne TrufflesThese gourmet truffles offer a decadent balance of sweetness and earthy notes, perfect for a luxurious indulgence. Enjoy as a unique dessert or pair with a glass of Champagne for an unforgettable experience.

Sea Salt Milk Chocolate ThinsA taste inspired by the seaside. Rococo’s 38% signature milk chocolate is combined with hand-harvested Anglesey sea salt. The purity and natural composition of the salt enhances the natural creaminess and richness of the chocolate.

 We hope you have found some inspiration and gifting ideas in our gift guide. And if not, there is always a gift card

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