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Rococo Chocolates’ Best Vegan Gifts 2023

Gifting Vegan can be a tricksy business. There are so many ingredients to avoid, and it can be difficult not only to pick the right vegan gift but also choose a vegan present that’s delicious too. Don’t fret. If you’re looking for vegan gift ideas, we’ve got you covered. Together with our chocolatiers, we have selected our best vegan gifts for 2023, to see you through from birthdays and anniversaries to Easter and Christmas. So sit tight, read on and prepare to gift vegan. 

Is Chocolate Vegan?

Whether your giftee lives a plant-based lifestyle or they’re just starting out on a plant-based diet, when planning your vegan gift, you might wonder: Is Chocolate Vegan? The answer is… it can be. There are two types of vegan chocolate. Dark chocolate (with a high cocoa percentage, usually 60% and above) OR plant-based chocolate made with nut-based milk or oat milk. For now though, let’s focus on dark chocolate. Dark chocolate with a higher cocoa percentage is naturally vegan. It contains less sugar and tends to use soya lecithin and cocoa butter to bind their ingredients, making it a plant-based vegan friendly chocolate alternative. 

What is Cocoa Butter and is Cocoa Butter Vegan?

The word ‘butter’ is deceptive isn’t it, particularly when it comes to gifting vegan. But, rest assured, Cocoa Butter is vegan! Cocoa Butter is a type of fat extracted from cocoa beans and is used to make chocolate. Cocoa Butter gives chocolate its sheen and that all important melt-in-mouth texture, meaning that vegan chocolate, particularly our vegan chocolate, is still utterly delicious. 

How Do You Know If Chocolate Is Vegan? What Ingredients Should You Avoid?

Packaging labels can be hard to read making it difficult to know if chocolate is vegan or not. If you’re looking for vegan gifts and want to be sure that your chocolate gift is vegan, look out for these taboo ingredients! Vegan chocolate should not contain the following ingredients: milk solids, milk fat, milk powder, lactose, whey powder and casein. You should also be wary of labels where the word ‘lecithin’ is used alone. Most chocolate manufacturers use ‘soya lecithin’, but some use ‘lecithin’ which is derived from eggs. So keep your eyes peeled! Now you have this knowledge, you’re ready to shop for vegan chocolate gifts. 

Vegan Gift Ideas:

Vegan Gift Boxes:

Our chocolatier’s have mastered the art of vegan chocolate. So much so, that we have an array of vegan chocolate gift boxes for you to choose from. Each making the perfect vegan chocolate gift for birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter or Christmas

Starting with our peppery Dark Chocolate & Ginger Selection Box. Crystalised ginger, enrobed in single origin dark chocolate. For a sweet, aromatic and deliciously spicy treat. This gift pairs well with afternoon tea or as an after-dinner palate cleanser for your vegan dinner guests.

Awaken the senses with our Dark Rose & Violet Creams. Upon opening the box you are greeted with a bouquet of aroma. Fragrant rose and violet creams enrobed in single origin dark chocolate and topped with crystallised flower petals. This is a quintessentially British chocolate, steeped in centuries of tradition. Whether they are just starting their vegan journey, or you’re looking for a unique vegan chocolate gift to surprise someone on their birthday, this is an excellent choice. 

Pair off that vegan biodynamic wine with our Scorched Almond Gift Tin. Our bestselling Scorched Almonds are a bonafide tastemaker. Provencal Almonds are toasted, caramelised and rubbed with herbs and vanilla, before being enrobed and dusted with dark chocolate. These decadent morsels are utterly moreish and make the perfect thoughtful gift for any vegan.

Vegan Chocolate Bars:

Our range of dark chocolate bars is packed with vegan friendly plant-based gifts, but the star in our vegan crown is our: Vegan Milky Sea Salt Artisan Bar. Oat Milk Chocolate, delicately infused with Anglesey Sea Salt for a rich, creamy, sweet and balanced chocolate bar that’s wickedly moreish. This chocolate bar would make the perfect vegan stocking filler or just a small token of affection this Valentine’s Day

Vegan Easter Egg:

If you’re looking for a Vegan Easter Egg, look no further. Our Vegan Easter Egg is a gifting must. Almond based dark chocolate crafted into a decadent thick vegan chocolate shell and filled with our bestselling scorched almonds for a delicious vegan easter feast. This vegan easter gift would make the perfect centrepiece for Easter Sunday Lunch or a thoughtful gift to share with your vegan friends this Easter

Vegan Hampers: 

Using our Bespoke Hamper Service, you can build your own vegan hamper and send anywhere across the UK, the USA and beyond! This is the perfect vegan present from Valentine’s Day to Christmas. Simply choose your hamper type and size (we offer patterned boxes and wicker, in small, medium and large) and fill it with a range of vegan treats. You can even keep and re-use the hamper afterwards, such is the elegance and quality of our vegan basket gifts. Looking for Hamper inspiration? Our Build Your Own Hamper Guide contains an array of vegan friendly gift ideas and gift size recommendations. In fact, you can view our bespoke vegan hamper ideas right here. Just add the whole lot to your cart, add a personalised message at checkout and we’ll take care of the rest!

Vegan Chocolate In London: 

Looking for Vegan Chocolate in London? Look no further! Our Chocolate Emporiums in Belgravia, Chelsea & Marylebone are packed to the rafters with vegan presents and a wealth of chocolate knowledge. What’s more, they offer the best hot chocolate in London (in our not so humble opinion). Using creamy and delicious oat milk, we craft vegan hot chocolates in a variety of flavours from Luxury Dark to Orange and Chai. Want to make vegan hot chocolate at home? No problem. We offer each flavour on our website too, here, and a handy guide on How To Make Vegan Hot Chocolate

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